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What is ZPAV

The Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry is an association of producers of phonograms and videograms. It has been authorized by the Ministry of Culture to act as a collective rights management organization.

ZPAV was founded in 1991 at the initiative of a group of people from the record industry, mainly to represent the interests of legitimate music producers against piracy flooding Poland at that time (estimated 95% of the total market). Today ZPAV associates nearly one hundred industry representatives (physical persons) and approximately 40 record companies (major international companies as well small, independent businesses), and in value terms accounts for over 80% of the Polish music market.

ZPAV is the Polish National Group of IFPI (The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is an organization which associates over 1,400 companies in more than 75 countries world-wide).

ZPAV's activities focus mainly on:

  • collective management of the rights of phonogram producers: the society is responsible for concluding, on behalf of its members, agreements on broadcasting and public performance of sound recordings.
  • anti-piracy activities: for many years now ZPAV has been cooperating with enforcement authorities, conducting investigative actions and participating in proceedings related to unauthorized production, distribution and smuggling of sound recordings. ZPAV has also been organizing series of training sessions for representatives of police, prosecution, customs, border guard and judiciary,
  • law and education: ZPAV has also been involved in all activities directed at lobbying for intellectual property rights protection, including the creation of new, more efficient laws. Within the framework of the Anti-Piracy Coalition, together with other rightholders' organizations: FOTA (Polish branch of MPA) and BSA, ZPAV has been initiating series of events and educational actions directed at limiting intellectual property rights infringements ,
  • holograms: in partnership with the authors' society ZAiKS, for over ten years ZPAV has been administering the hologram program for legitimate recordings,
  • stats, charts and sales awards: ZPAV publishes the retail sales chart OLIS and a TOP 100 list based on data reported by record companies. The association presents gold, platinum and diamond certification awards for the sales of music,
  • FRYDERYK Awards and Phonographic Academy: ZPAV organizes the FRYDERYK Award, presented since 1995 and is the founder of the Phonographic Academy which has been the award's jury since the FRYDERYK '99 edition